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I got a bunch of gift cards for the holiday, and I had today off, so I went down to Barnes & Noble.

There are a few books I'm looking for, but (of course) I bookmarked them at work so I have by now completely forgotten the details. And they're probably not out yet anyway. But I knew that Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon was just released in paperback, so what the hell.

I was also looking for the new Star Wars Insider... Not there. (Of course.) I already have Scoundrels and I'm about halfway through it, but I looked anyway... It was in none of the places I expected to see it... (Like, y'know, where the rest of the Star Wars novels are? Or where the new SF/F is? I always look at the new release tables, no matter how much Nook crap they try and hide them behind, but none of the stuff out there was SF/F this time, and the round table was full of health books.) Given that this is B&N I suspected they didn't order enough (again*) and blah. But just as I left, I did spot them on some of the standees, but that is literally the last place I would look for anything SF/F.

* I live in what used to be hardcore Borders territory. When they all closed, this B&N became the only new bookstore in my corner of suburbia. But they still order like there are 4 Borders within a half-hour radius, which means anything that's not spent multiple weeks on the NYT bestseller list sells out fast.

I also saw a 50 Shades of Grey party game, which... What?

But basically, I guess I'm renewing my Amazon Prime membership... Though honestly, a lot of that is because I'm addicted to Instant Video. (Thanks for that, Doctor Who.) I should be done with S2 of Downton Abbey just in time for S3 to start on PBS...

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