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I got a bunch of gift cards for the holiday, and I had today off, so I went down to Barnes & Noble.

There are a few books I'm looking for, but (of course) I bookmarked them at work so I have by now completely forgotten the details. And they're probably not out yet anyway. But I knew that Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon was just released in paperback, so what the hell.

I was also looking for the new Star Wars Insider... Not there. (Of course.) I already have Scoundrels and I'm about halfway through it, but I looked anyway... It was in none of the places I expected to see it... (Like, y'know, where the rest of the Star Wars novels are? Or where the new SF/F is? I always look at the new release tables, no matter how much Nook crap they try and hide them behind, but none of the stuff out there was SF/F this time, and the round table was full of health books.) Given that this is B&N I suspected they didn't order enough (again*) and blah. But just as I left, I did spot them on some of the standees, but that is literally the last place I would look for anything SF/F.

* I live in what used to be hardcore Borders territory. When they all closed, this B&N became the only new bookstore in my corner of suburbia. But they still order like there are 4 Borders within a half-hour radius, which means anything that's not spent multiple weeks on the NYT bestseller list sells out fast.

I also saw a 50 Shades of Grey party game, which... What?

But basically, I guess I'm renewing my Amazon Prime membership... Though honestly, a lot of that is because I'm addicted to Instant Video. (Thanks for that, Doctor Who.) I should be done with S2 of Downton Abbey just in time for S3 to start on PBS...
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Been very busy for the past two days, mainly because they are my only days off this week. Yesterday I finished my teeny-tiny bit of Christmas shopping and read two whole books, plus finishing a third.

The first was Jacqueline Carey's Saints Astray a good read but nothing particularly earth-shattering. The second was Amy Kathleen Ryan's Glow, a SF YA that doesn't quite deliver on it's potential and is by no means "the most riveting series since The Hunger Games" (actual back cover text.) The third is Bunheads, which reminded me of another book I read a couple years ago, except that one was about a model instead of a dancer (they both have the exact same ending, for one) and snore. There's nothing in there that's not mildly familiar from Black Swan and Center Stage.

Today I took Louie to the vet, where I found a lump on his tail just as the doctor walked in. It turned out to be just a cyst, thankfully, but I do have to keep an eye on it. And I just finished Jhumpa Lahiri's The Nakesake, which was quite good.

Unpopular opinion annex: The trailer for The Hobbit looks impressively LOTRish, but between the singing and the dwarf parade it reminded me exactly why I could never much get into Tolkien. But I'll probably see it anyway, because somehow Jackson's brand of tweeness annoys me less that Tolkien's. Go figure.

Oh, and I finally installed iWork! Pages is no Indesign/Quark, but it'll do.

FYI, for folks who don't like the redesigned comment pages, I'm hearing that you don't need a code to create a new Dreamwidth account for the rest of the month. I'm going to try to be better at crossposting.

I has books

May. 2nd, 2009 05:06 am
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These are most of the books from my living room, though there's still a shelf (a short one) untouched. I don't really want to read any of them right now. So I'm just rereading Acacia.

The pile

The three in the foreground are the April reads I'll be reviewing on CJ this weekend. I only have one review left to write (Acacia, natch) and that'll be a chore because I actually really liked it. Meanwhile, Red was so dreadful I knocked out a review in about a half hour.

Oh, and in the couple days since I took this we went to the used bookstore and I added in three more paperbacks. Go me. :P

And yes, behold my ever-classy dorm room style cable cord.

(Details on what's been read and what hasn't on Flickr.)

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