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So now we're in the runup to the 10th anniversary of The Phantom Menace, the film that changed Star Wars forever, and I barely remember a thing about it.

Actually, the one thing I DO remember was feeling a little guilty (way back in '98) that I was way more interested in Zahn's Vision of the Future than in an actual movie. The more things change...

TPM is the only Star Wars movie that came out while I was in college, the end of my second year. I had other things on my mind... Like roommates who wouldn't do the dishes ([profile] princesschan!) and left Diet Coke cans sitting around filled with cigarette butts NEXT TO MY COMPUTER and, uhh, classes. And stuff.

In and around my freshmen year, I had shut down my first website, spent about two seconds on the staff of Jedinet's prequel site, tangled with my first power-mad fanboys, and learned the ever-so-valuable lesson that FANDOM IS INSANE. Oh, and Jeff had handed me the keys to the Club Jade site. (We didn't nab clubjade.net until about 2000, I think, so it was one of our many odd long URLs.)

So I was still in fandom, but staying away from participation in the more general aspects. I remember reading TheForce.Net and their spoilers (The visual edition! HILARIOUS!) but pretty much my only fannish socialization was with CJers, #cantina, and fanfic people.

I know I saw The Phantom Menace with the same high school friends I saw the Special Editions with, but the only clear memory of the experience is that Brian and Rick had some kind of boring ticket issues. I saw it again with my parents later that weekend. (No midnight shows here.) I remember being kind of underwhelmed. And then not seeing it until it showed up Fox years later, when I was out of school and an intern. I don't even remember the discussions on the list, though I'm sure there were some lengthy ones.

In short, TPM: One big red-and-sand blur. I have clearer memories of the Entertainment Tonight where George announces he's working on the screenplay, FFS. That's the magic of college!

Now AOTC, that I remember...

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