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So I wrote up my thoughts on EpVII and the EU and blogging the other day. As some of you may know, I've been kind of wavering about continuing blogging for a while - a long while - before all this broke.

Blogging is not something that's really hard for me - after all these years I can bust out a basic news post in 5-10 minutes, easy - but my enthusiasm was undeniably dropping. I have no fucks to give about The Clone Wars and the EU has been foundering and even fanfic - which has got me through many other dark periods - has been thin on the ground lately. The last Celebration helped a lot by having lots of news and generally not sucking for me but it was only a temporary boost. I mean, its hard to get really excited about something like Angry Birds Star Wars for more than a day or so, if that.

And mentioning Jedinet... Let me just say that I have NEVER ONCE REGRETTED leaving the fanboy industrial fandom complex - and choosing to stay out of it again when TFN came calling a few years back - than I am right now. I didn't start the blog to make CJ a giant fansite or become whatever they call BNFs these days (NOTHING. Because it peaked with Cassie Claire and killed the whole concept dead, right?) or to get free books or to stand up for lady fans or any of that - I started it because I thought 'Hey! A blog! That would be a fun way to liven up the CJ site and keep people informed!'

Ha ha.

The blog has... evolved, let's say. I don't know what's going to happen now, or in 2015, but I do know one thing - I have my enthusiasm back. I have something to look forward to that's more than more of the same. And that's something.

Now if only I could find the time and energy to work on a new template, because goddamn I hate the look of that thing.


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