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Support for Google Analytics. GUYS. Having come to LJ after running a standalone blog, the inability to track our own stats on our journals is something I really dislike. (Yes, I know there are trackers and things you can add to LJ, but they suck compared to a real stats package. Seriously suck.)

Alas, it doesn't seem to work yet, as I can't find the place to input the ID. But I have faith that DW will get to it eventually, unlike LJ. (And on that day? I will buy paid time. IT MEANS THAT MUCH.)

In other DW news, mine now has a real style! It's not perfect, but it's nice enough and has all the little dongles I want. I'll probably replace it eventually as the set width is not particularly ideal on a 13" laptop when one prefers a modest browser window, but it'll do for now.

No, I'm not freaking out about the anti-gay ad thing, because a) this stuff happens (on weekends) and b) I feel a bit guilty for buying into the mass #amazonfail freakout a few weeks back. We've all been on the internet long enough to know better by now. (Plus I know at work, when we have a bad ad - they're usually things that screw up the site somehow, as opposed to being controversial - it can be a real bitch to track down. And we have ad people, but good luck finding them outside of regular business hours.)
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